Please make sure you keep your payments current.  You can pay here online or you can pay with a check, cash, or money orders.  Thank you.











North Valley Teams:


North Valley members will have the option to pay club fees through PayPal again this season.  Choose your team and the month you want to pay and then click the Pay Now button below your team.  You will be sent to PayPal's site and from there you will have the option to pay with a credit or debit card.

There are however some added costs if you plan to pay with a credit / debit card.  PayPal has a small processing fee and it has already been added into the regular fees below.  So your options to pay for your club fees this season are:  either by credit /debit card with an added processing fee or you can pay the standard way with cash and or checks without the added costs.  Thank you.

You can also send payments to:

Julia Coats- Club Director

North Valley Jrs. VBC

5785 Oakwood Drive

Marysville, CA 95901

Please make all checks or money orders payable to one of the names below:

North Valley Jrs VBC


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Online Prices Below Include a Processing Fee to PayPal.

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